About Us

Our main Goal:

is to provide our professional clients with extraordinary high quality Products while providing great service and economical prices.
Our products add value to our professional client’s project, and this is why our name is a brand in raised floor and newly products since 2020 from the beginning of the idea of ​​manufacturing preceded by work in that field 15 years ago that provides us with experience to launch into the horizons of industrial modernity.

Our mission:

The future of digital buildings has become one of the basic necessities for introducing technology that makes us go in search of progress in products.

Our primary goal is to help the industry build safer and more sustainable buildings where they have a positive impact on the future of the built environment and to make it easier to do so.

How we can do it ?

 Our in-house technology platform enables us to deliver the highest standards of our technology to our customers and collaborators better than ever before, making building specifications smarter, detail-rich and future-proof.

Why us?

AlFA Floor has an excellent reputation for delivering projects with a strong focus on the environment.

Here we understand that we have a duty to the environment. As a leading raised floor Solutions Company, we pride ourselves on not only the delivery of our projects, but also the way we conduct ourselves to achieve our goals. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve what we already have (ISO 14001:2015), to reduce carbon emissions and to implement environmentally sound solutions.

In 2021 we decided to solidify this commitment and hire our own Environmental Manager to take care of all aspects of environmental matters within the company. A number of changes have already been implemented to make us greener than ever!


Our primary focus is on client satisfaction and the ability to deliver on time.

On budget and to the highest standards make us one of the leading manufacturers of Access Flooring Systems.

Today we offer a complete specification and advisory service to help complete resilient flooring solutions of various heights.

20 years in the business, we understand our clients' needs and can tackle projects of any complexity.

We value our client' business and are proud of our ability to establish long-term and trusted relationships with our customers.

We are a partner you can trust.

About Us